Locked and Loaded. Change is futile. Death of Realty’ors immenent. Please read the following instructions: In case of emergency, take Karate. In case of technology, program. I once talked to a man in Nantucket who seemed to be 75+ years old. He and I discussed the internet in a “Rowlsky House that spam built kind of way,” years ago…before real estate blogosphere 1.0 (shouts to about 9 loudmouths). The Point: If you’re 67, don’t pack your bags just yet and if you’re just getting your license, sell grandma some cookies.

I can remember struggling effortlessly with local MLS associations and arguing about the “Data.” Who should have it, what are the requirements that must be met, and should I mention anit-trust? I guess DOJ did a great job at smashing something over the last decade. IDX story time is just a quick lesson behind the pointless nonsense that is a Virtual Office Website.

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